Milwaukee 6mm Hex Head Driver 48222533

Milwaukee 6mm Hex Head Driver 48222533

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Milwaukee 6mm Hollow Core Hex Head Driver

HollowCore™ Magnetic Nut Drivers feature a thread-thru design for unlimited depth in threaded rod and long bolt applications. The magnetic universal driver heads fit 4X more fasteners including: Square, Hex, 12 point & Spline. Designed for maximum durability the Wrench Ready hex steel shanks are forged and chrome plated.


HollowCore™ Unlimited Depth - Ideal for long bolts or threaded rod applications .
Magnetic Drivers - Secure fitment in fastening applications .
Universal driver head fits 4X more fasteners .
Removes rusted and stripped bolts .
Color Coded ID Markings allow for quick tool identification on jobsite .
Wrench Ready HEX shanks deliver additional leverage .
Chrome Plated - Marine Grade Rust Protection.
Forged steel shanks provide longer life and more durability.
Deep well sockets - Drive multiple fasteners .
Shaft Length: 3"