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Power Pack Kits

These power tools kits offer great value for money, with shared batteries and chargers. You can save even more by adding to the kits from any of the other M18 'body only' tools in the range.

Milwaukee 18-volt Lithium-Ion M18 Cordless Kits form a complete package of tools, selected from the most popular items in the M18 range. These kits offer the purchaser the opportunity to use more than one tool together, complete with interchangeable batteries and charger, plus a useful carry case or bag.

Because you don't need to buy all the batteries and additional chargers for each individual tool they offer an excellent price saving, against the total purchase price if all items in the kit were brought separately.

Once you have purchased an M18 cordless kit with batteries and charger, you can then buy other tools from the M18 range, in body only format (e.g. without batteries and charger) and add these to the kit, offering even greater cost savings.

Milwaukee 5 Piece Combo Brushed Tool Kit M18BPP5A-402BBrushed 5 Piece Combo Kit: M18BPD, M18BID, HD18AG115, HD18CS, M18BMT, 2 x M18B4, M12-18FC & Bag
Milwaukee M18 FPP2A-502X M18 FUEL Twin Pack (M18FPD, M18FID)*NEW* Advanced 18V Lithium-Ion FUEL Twin Pack (M18FPD, M18FID, 2 x 5.0 Ah Batteries, Charger & Carry Bag) 
Milwaukee M18 FPP2W-502X M18 FUEL Twin Pack (M18FPD, M18FMTIWF)*NEW* Advanced 18V Lithium-Ion Brushless FUEL Twin Pack (M18FPD, M18FMTIWF, 2 x 5.0 Ah Batteries, Charger & Carry case

Milwaukee M18BLPP2B-402C Brushless Twin PackMilwaukee M18 Brushless Twin Pack - M18BLPD Percussion Drill, M18BLID Impact Driver (2 x 4.0ah batteries, charger, BMC)
Milwaukee M18BPP7A-402B M18 Brushed 7 Piece Combo KitBrushed 7 Piece Combo Kit (M18BPD, M18BID, M18BSX, HD18CS, HD18AG, M18TLED, M18BP, M18B4 X 2, M12-18C, Bag)
Milwaukee M18FPP6B-503B M18 FUEL 6 Item Kit + 3 x 5Ah BatsMilwaukee Fuel 18 volt Lithium-ion combo kit (M18FPD, M18FID, M18CSX, M18CCS55, M18CAG115XPDB, M18TLED, 3 x 5.0ah batteries, multi-port charger, soft bag)