Milwaukee USB Green Cross Line Laser L4 CLL-301C

Milwaukee USB Green Cross Line Laser L4 CLL-301C

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    The Milwaukee REDLITHIUM™ USB rechargeable green cross line laser provides an all-in-one functionality with horizontal levelling and vertical alignment. Built with high intensity green diodes to provide uncompromised visibility, this laser offers up to 4x better visibility vs red lasers.

    • High intensity green beams provide a working range of 30 m and up to 100 m with a detector
    • The rechargeable and removable REDLITHIUM™ USB 3.0 Ah battery provides all day run time of over 8 hours
    • 1x REDLITHIUM™ USB 3.0 battery replaces up to 6,000 alkaline batteries over the lifetime of the battery
    • 3 mode pendulum system: Manual Mode for use at any angle, Self-Levelling Mode that indicates out-of-level condition with a 4° self-levelling range and Pendulum Lock Mode to protect components during transport
    • Integrated magnetic bracket with rear mounted amplified rare earth magnets, ¼″ tripod thread and hang hole - allows attachment to steel stud, wooden stud and tripod
    • The bracket also provides the laser 360° rotation, with an integrated micro control knob for faster point to point alignment
    • Robust over-moulded construction with an IP 54 rating, the laser is water/ debris resistant and can withstand up to 1 m drops
    • Conveniently charge REDLITHIUM™ USB battery internally during use with micro-USB cable from USB power source or AC outlet
    • Fuel gauge on the top and side of the laser allows for fast checking of the REDLITHIUM™ USB battery charge


    • Colour of laser line: Green
    • Compatible laser detector: LLD50
    • Laser classification: Class 2
    • Self levelling range: 4.0°
    • Self levelling time: 3 seconds
    • Weight: 0.90kg
    • Working range detector: 50/100m
    • Working range detector: 30.0m


    (1) L4CLL-301C Cross Line Laser
    • (1) L4 B3 battery pack
    • (1) USB cable and wall plug
    • (1) Track clip

    Supplied in a kitbox


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