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M12™ Handheld Lighting

The Milwaukee M12™ 12-Volt battery plaform includes multiple handheld lights designed to help tradespeople who often work in dark or poorly lit areas as well as those who work outisde at night. This range includes flashlights, stick lights and lantern lights all designed to provide targeted, high definition TRUEVIEW™ light.

M12™ handheld lights are designed to allow the user to hold the light using one hand as the name suggests, however most models in the range also feature a hanging hook for those who require both hands to work. Some models, such as M12TLED torch feature a pivoting head which allows the user to direct a beam of light wherever they desire while other lights such as the M12LL lantern light provide a wider light beam. See the full range of M12™ handheld lighting solutions below.

Milwaukee M12LL-0 Lantern Light (Zero Tool)
Milwaukee 12 volt cordless, Lantern light with USB charge point (zero tool - no batteries or charger)
£ 61.95
Milwaukee M12SL-0 LED Stick Light (Zero Tool)
Milwaukee 12 volt cordless, LED stick / wand shaped light (Zero Tool - no batteries or charger)
£ 45.95