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SDS-Plus Chisel Bits

Milwaukee produce a wide range of high quality SDS chisel bits (Made in Germany).

With of 150 years experience in manufacturing expertise, Milwaukee really know what it takes to make the best chisel. These chisel are designed to withstand the daily routine of breaking and demolition on the worksite, with a low wear rate, impact strength and elasticity, ensuring a low risk of breaking.

Milwaukee chisels are manufactured in Germany from a specifically defined alloy steel and each chisel is crafted individually using traditional forging skills coupled with sophisticated machinery for specialised tip design, sharpening, hardening, tempering and finishing. The specialised tempering operation creates a uniform hardened surface across the complete chisel to give it high impact strength, more wear resistance and the required elasticity.

To achieve long service life all these chisels can be re-sharpened time and time again.

Milwaukee 4932339625 SDS-Plus Pointed Chisel
SDS-Plus Pointed Chisel (length: 250 mm)
£ 7.25
Milwaukee 4932339626 SDS-Plus Flat Chisel
SDS-Plus Flat Chisel (length: 250 mm, tip width: 20 mm)
£ 9.65
Milwaukee 4932367146 SDS-Plus Wide Chisel
SDS-Plus Wide Chisel (length: 250 mm, tip width: 40 mm)
£ 12.95
Milwaukee SDS-Plus Plaster Removal Chisel 4932352344
SDS-Plus Plaster Removal Chisel (length: 165 mm, tip width: 75 mm)
£ 18.95
SDS-Plus Tile Removal Chisel
SDS-Plus Tile Removal Chisel (length: 250 mm, tip width: 40 mm)
£ 12.95