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M12™ Multi Tools

Milwaukee M12™ 12-Volt multi tools are excellent cutting tools designed for precision cutting in a range of materials including drywall, wood and metal. The C12 MT M12™ Sub Compact Multi-Tool is a versatile cordless solution for cutting and removal applications. This cordless multi-tool boasts impressive stats such as variable speed (5000 - 20,000 rpm) and 1.5° left/right oscillation movement which allows quick completion of professional applications into materials such as metal, wood and plastic.

Another bonus to Milwaukee multi-tools is the range of accessories you get when you purchase the tool. The C12MT, for instance, comes supplied with an adapter, plunge cut blade OSC 112, sanding backing pad and 5 sanding sheets so you're ready to use the tool as soon as you receive it. Check out our stock of Milwaukee M12™ multi-tools below.

Milwaukee 12v Fuel Multi Tool Kit M12FMT-422X (2.0Ah+ 4.0Ah)
12-Volt FUEL™ multi tool, two batteries and a charger supplied in a kitbox
£ 251.95