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M18™ 18-Volt Chargers

We supply a range of Milwaukee battery chargers compatible with M18™ 18-Volt lithium-ion batteries as well as models capable of charging both M12™ and M18™ batteries. The M1418C6 is a 6-bay sequential battery charger avalable in both 110V and 240V mains, ideal for users with multiple M18™ batteries.

Our most popular chargers, the M12-18C Charger and M12-18FC Fast Charger will charge both Milwaukee M12™ and M18™ batteries for those who own tools in both battery platforms.

If you need your M18™ batteries constantly charged and ready to use Milwaukee have you covered.

Milwaukee M12-18 FC 12-18V Multi Fast Charger
Milwaukee M12-18FC 240V multi-voltage Rapid Lithium-Ion battery charger for M12 and M18 batteries
£ 34.95
Milwaukee M12-18V Charger M12-18C (Multi Voltage)
Milwaukee M12-18C multi-voltage Lithium-Ion battery charger for M12 and M18 batteries
£ 14.95
Milwaukee Multibay Charger 240V M1418C6
Milwaukee M18 Multibay 18 volt Lithium-ion Charger - 240 volt mains
£ 99.95