Milwaukee Batteries and Chargers

Milwaukee REDLITHIUM™-ION batteries are engineered to last longer, think faster and work harder than any other brand of lithium-ion batteries and we're proud to stock the full range in addition to a selection of Milwaukee chargers. Milwaukee batteries incorporate high power cells and patented REDLINK™ intelligence encapsulated in a tough, impact resistant case to deliver a battery which outperforms competition not only on runtime but on overall battery life as well.

From here you can view all Milwaukee batteries and chargers we currently stock in both the M12™ 12-Volt and M18™ 18-Volt battery platforms. Batteries and chargers can either be purchase individually or you can buy both as a kit known as an "NRG Pack" which gives first time buyers or users looking for a battery upgrade a way to save money.

18-Volt lithium-ion batteries with an amp-hour rating above 5.0Ah cannot be purchased online due to current shipping regulations. Purchase of said batteries must be made in-store at our Peterborough trade counter. This currently applies only to the M18B9 9.0Ah Battery, M18HB8 HIGH OUTPUT™ 8.0Ah Battery and M18HB12 HIGH OUTPUT™ 12.0Ah Battery. Thank you for your understanding.