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M12™ 12-Volt Batteries

Milwaukee M12™ 12-Volt lithium-ion batteries are designed to pack as much power as possible in a compact and lightweight case to match the compact nature of Milwaukee M12™ power tools. Each 12-Volt battery in the range is highly compact yet durable enough to withstand jobsite conditions, featuring impact resistant cases and IP rated water and dust proofing to keep the internal electronics safe.

Despite this, Milwaukee M12™ batteries still offer impressive runtimes. For instance, the M12B2 2.0Ah battery will power the Milwaukee Heated Jacket for up to 8 hours while the M12B4 4.0Ah battery will provide the user with 10 hours of light from the M12SAL 12-Volt Tower Light.

When it comes to powering your Milwaukee M12™ 12-Volt tools you shouldn't settle for anything less than a geniune Milwaukee M12™ battery.

Milwaukee M12 2.5Ah Battery 12V High Output M12HB2.5
12-volt 2.50Ah high output li-ion battery. Charger sold separately.
£ 32.95
Milwaukee M12 4.0Ah Battery 12V M12B4
12-volt 4.0Ah lithium-ion battery. Charger sold separately.
£ 39.95
Milwaukee M12 5.0Ah Battery 12V High Output M12HB5
12-volt 5.0Ah high output li-ion battery. Charger sold separately.
£ 58.95
Milwaukee M12 6.0Ah Battery 12V M12B6
12-volt 6.0Ah lithium-ion battery. Charger sold separately.
£ 60.95
Milwaukee M12B2 M12 2.0Ah Red Lithium-Ion Battery
Milwaukee 12 volt Lithium-ion M12 2.0Ah Red Lithium-Ion Battery, works with all M12 tools
£ 22.95