Milwaukee M12B2 M12 2.0Ah Red Lithium-Ion Battery

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    The M12B2 2.0Ah battery is compatible with all tools in the Milwaukee M12 range and offers great runtime in a small package.

    For instance, a fully charged 2.0Ah 12v battery holds enough charge to keep a M12HJBL4 Heated Jacket running for 8 consecutive hours. Alternatively the same battery would allow you to install 325 4.8mm stainless steel rivets with the M12BPRT pop rivet tool.


    • Sophisticated electronics: Milwaukee® REDLINK™ Intelligence
    • Overload Protection - Prevents user from damaging their cordless power tool investment in abusive situations
    • Temperature Management System - Keeps battery in ideal temperature range to provide maximum life
    • Individual Cell Monitoring - Ensures optimal charge and discharge for maximum life
    • Discharge Protection - Prevents cell damage from over-discharge
    • Up to 2X more run time*, 20% more power*, Up to 2X more recharges*
    • Compared with other Lithium -Ion technologies and / or with previous Milwaukee® battery technology. Results dependant on voltage, tool and application
    • Integrated weld frame
    • Cell separator
    • Impact and vibration protective rubber


    • Model No.: 4932430064
    • Battery pack capacity: 2.0 Ah
    • Battery type: Li-ion
    • System: M12
    • Voltage: 12v
    • Weight: 0.180 kg


    1 x M12B2 2.0Ah 12v battery

  4. Compatible with the full range of Milwaukee Red Lithium-Ion 12 volt chargers.

    Charging times:

    • Charge time w/ C12C charger: 40 minutes
    • Charge time w/ M12C4 charger: 40 minutes
    • Charge time w/ M12TC charger: 40 minutes
    • Charge time w/ M1218AC charger: 40 minutes
    • Charge time w/ M1218C charger: 40 minutes
    • Charge time w/ M1218FC charger: 40 minutes

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