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M18™ Reciprocating Saws

Milwaukee invented the reciprocating saw over 50 years ago and today these versatile hand-held saws are still the best available, with fast clean cutting power. The M18™ range includes multiple models which feature different technologies such as brushless options and those which include ONE-KEY™.

The M18 ONESX features custom cut control that provides advanced control over cutting speeds while adjustable soft start provides more accurate cut-starts in various materials minimising blade chatter and assisting in cleaner faster cuts. The automatic brake allows the saw to stop the blade after it breaks through a material preventing accidental cuts in adjacent materials. Plunge cut allows the blade to penetrate the material at a slower speed and then automatically ramp to full speed, sensing an increase in force from the user. See our full rang of Milwaukee M18™ reciprocating saws below.

Milwaukee M18 Compact Hackzall C18HZ-0 (Zero Tool)
Milwaukee 18 volt Lithium-ion cordless compact power hacksaw (no batteries or charger)
£ 191.95
Milwaukee M18FHZ-0X FUEL 18V Cordless Hackzall (Zero Tool)
Milwaukee FUEL 18 volt Cordless Hackzall (Zero Tool - batteries and chargers sold separately)
£ 208.95
Milwaukee M18ONESX-0 One Key M18 Fuel Sawzall (Zero Tool)
Milwaukee M18ONESX-0 One Key M18 Fuel Sawzall (Zero Tool-batteries and charger sold separately)
£ 229.95