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Reciprocating Saws

Milwaukee C12HZ-0 M12 Compact Hackzall (Zero Tool)
Milwaukee 12 volt Lithium-ion cordless single handed reciprocating hacksaw (no batteries or charger)
Milwaukee C18HZ-0 M18 Compact Hackzall (Zero Tool)
Milwaukee 18 volt Lithium-ion cordless compact power hacksaw (no batteries or charger)
Milwaukee M12CHZ-0 M12 Fuel Hackzall - Zero Tool
M12 Fuel Milwaukee 12 volt Lithium-ion cordless compact hackzall (Body Only - no batteries or charger)
Milwaukee M12CHZ-602C M12 Fuel Hackzall Kit with 2 x 6Ah Batteries
M12 Fuel Milwaukee 12 volt Lithium-ion cordless compact hackzall (2 x 6.0ah Li-ion batteries, charger & kitbox)
Milwaukee M18BSX-0 M18 Sawzall (Zero Tool)
Professional 18 volt cordless Sawzall reciprocating saw (body only - no batteries or charger)
Milwaukee M18FHZ-0X FUEL 18V Cordless Hackzall (Zero Tool)
Milwaukee FUEL 18 volt Cordless Hackzall (Zero Tool - batteries and chargers sold separately)
Milwaukee M18FHZ-502X FUEL 18V Cordless Hackzall (2 x 5.0Ah)
Milwaukee M18FHZ-502X 18 Volt Cordless Hackzall Kit with two 5.0 Ah batteries, Charger & Bag
Milwaukee M18ONESX-502X ONEKEY M18 Fuel Sawzall Kit
Milwaukee M18ONESX-502X ONE-KEY M18 Fuel Sawzall Kit with two 5.0Ah batteries & charger in a HD box.