M12™ Combo Kits

Milwaukee M12™ 12-Volt combo kits are the ideal way to purchase M12™ tools, perfect for users new to the 12-Volt range and long-time fans alike. An M12™ combo kit or "POWERPACK™" includes at least one great M12™ power tool, compatible batteries and chargers, and a tool bag or tool box to store your newly bought gear. These kits may occasionally include accessories and hand tools further adding to the value for money you get when purchasing a combo kit.

We supply both single-tool kits and two-tool twin pack kits which include 1 or 2 tools respectively, giving you plenty of options. What's more, once you invest in an M12™ combo kit you can purchase any additional M12™ tool in the future as a "body only" model (without batteries or a charger), cutting down on costs when you expand your M12™ tool collection.

Explore the full range of M12™ 12-Volt combo kits right here.