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M12™ 2-Tool Twin Packs

Milwaukee M12™ 12-Volt 2-tool combo kits or "twin packs" include two great M12™ power tools, suitable batteries and chargers and a tool box or bag to store and transport the contents of the kit. Our range of M12™ twin pack kits includes a number or options to suit the needs of tradespeople in every industry.

The latest addition to this range is the M12FPP2F-202X FUEL™ combo kit, a twin pack which includes the M12™ FUEL™ Cut Off Tool and M12™ FUEL™ Percussion Drill, two 2.0Ah batteries and a compact charger all supplied in a heavy duty box for a superb price.

Feel free to view our range of M12™ twin packs and see if there's a kit in the range suitable for you.

Milwaukee 12v Brushed Combi & Impact Drill Kit M12BPP2B-202C (2 x 2Ah)
Milwaukee M12BPP2B-202C 12v Brushed Combi & Impact Driver Kit (2 x 2Ah)
£ 198.95
Milwaukee M12 FUEL™ Combo Kit M12FPP2F-202X 2-Tool
Two piece kit including a FUEL™ percussion drill, FUEL™ cut-off tool, two 2.0Ah batteries and a charger
£ 268.95
Milwaukee M12BPP4A-202B Drill Driver/Impact Hackzall Torch 4 Item Kit
Milwaukee M12BPP4A-202B Drill Driver Hackzall Torch 4 Item KIT
£ 298.95
Milwaukee M12FPP2A-602X FUEL 12V Cordless Twin Pack (M12FPD, M12FID, 2 x 6.0Ah)
Professional 12 Volt Cordless Sub-compact Twin Pack Kit. M12FPD, M12FID, 2 x 6.0Ah batteries and charger.
£ 370.95