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M12™ Impact Wrenches

We stock a range of Milwaukee M12™ 12-Volt impact wrenches designed to be far more compact than larger 18-Volt equivalents, with standard brushed models in addition to more advanced FUEL™ brushless models. As with other tools in the range, many models can be purchases individually or in a allowing users new to the M12™ range to save money.

M12™ 12-Volt impact wrenches make tightening and loosening nuts and bolts a breeze and Milwaukee produce models with a range of receptions for different fittings. Our range largely includes wrenches with the friction ring fitting as this makes swapping sockets far easier than with the pin detent fitting and is far more unlikely to become stuck over time.

Feel free to browse our range of M12™ impact wrenches.

Milwaukee 1/2" Compact Impact Wrench M12BIW12-0 (Zero Tool)
Milwaukee M12BIW12-0 1/2" Compact Impact Wrench
£ 89.95
Milwaukee Fuel 1/4 inch Impact Wrench M12FIR38-0 (Zero Tool)
Milwaukee Fuel 1/4 inch Impact Wrench. Zero Tool - Batteries and chargers sold separately.
£ 168.95
Milwaukee M12FIW38-0 Fuel 3/8" Impact Wrench (Zero Tool)
Milwaukee Fuel 3/8" Impact Wrench. Zero Tool - Batteries and Chargers sold separately. 
£ 160.95