M18™ 6-Tool Combo Kits

Milwaukee M18™ 6 Piece Kits are the perfect way to purchase multiple M18™ power tools simultaneously and are ideal for first time users looking to outfit their van with the best cordless tools on the market. We currently only stock the one 6 piece kit known as the M18 FPP6D2-503B.

This kit includes a circular saw, jigsaw, angle grinder, percussion drill, impact driver and a torch in addition to three 5.0Ah lithium-ion batteries and a fast charger, all supplied in a large capacity tool bag. And these aren't just any M18™ tools; each one features a brushless POWERSTATE™ making them all M18 FUEL™ tool which offer better power and run time than standard brushed equivalents. Find out more about the Milwaukee M18™ 6 Piece Kit below.