Milwaukee 150mm Circular Saw Blade (Metal) 20B 34T 4932479554

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    Suitable for: Aluminium, angle iron, mild steel, sandwich material, sheet steel >2.5mm, steel channel, steel pipe and steel tube

    Milwaukee circular saw blades feature engineered tooth geometry for optimum performance. Each tooth features a top grade carbide and cermet tip designed to keep the blade sharper for longer.

    The fully hardenened and tensioned blade body guarantees accurate cuts in metal while the deep gullets provide rapid and efficient chip removal. What's more, Milwaukee circular saw blades also include laser cut resin filled expansion slots designed to dampen noise and vibration.

    • Cuts clean. Burr free edges reduce extra finishing processes
    • Cuts cool. The cut material can be handled immediately after cutting
    • Cuts fast. Quicker than all other conventional cutting methods
    • Cost cutter. Less expensive per cut than abrasive discs
    • Reduced noise
    • Reduced vibration
    • Total safety: no sparks, no coolants, cool to touch


    • Aluminium: Yes
    • Angle iron: Yes
    • Blade diameter: 150mm
    • Bore size: 20mm
    • Cutting width (kerf): 1.6mm
    • Material thickness: >2.5mm
    • Mild steel: Yes
    • No. of teeth: 34
    • Pack quantity: 1
    • Rebar: No
    • Sandwich material: Yes
    • Sheet steel less than 2.5mm: Yes
    • Steel channel: Yes
    • Steel pipe: Yes
    • Steel tube: Yes


    (1) 150mm Circ. Saw Blade 20B 34T

    Supplied in a recyclable carton

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