Milwaukee 48005035 Sawzall Blades 150x5 TPI Demolition

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Sawzall 'Demolition' reciprocating saw blades with for cutting wood and plastics (including wood with embedded nails).

Quantity: 5, length: 150 mm, TPI: 5.

Fang Tip - For faster plunge cutting and reaching into restricted areas.

Nail Guard: Protects the tooth during nail impacts for increased durability and life time.

  • Strong: Extra thick 1.25 mm body for maximum robustness and life making it ideal for wood with nails or bolts.
  • Fast: Aggressive 5 TPI tooth geometry removes more material per stroke for faster cutting.
  • Sloped shape: Excellent for plunge cutting and reaching into restricted areas.
  • Shatter resistant: Bi-Metal construction allows the blade to bend and flex without breaking.