Milwaukee 48005202 230mm TORCH Sabre Saw Blade

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    Milwaukee heavy duty 230mm TORCH™ sabre saw blade

    This heavy duty TORCH™ sabre saw blade features durable construction offering extended life when compare to Bi-Metal blades. The carbide teeth give the blade an excellent lifetime considering the blade is designed for use in thick metals such as cast iron.

    For context, this blade is durable enough to cut 7 cars in half before becoming worn out (as demonstrated in the video).


    • Carbide teeth provide excellent life in thick metals - up to 50 times more life compared to Bi-Metal blades.
    • Thick 1.27mm robust blade body for precise straight cuts.
    • 25mm blade height for improved stability and minimum vibration.
    • Ideal for cutting cast iron and thick walled stainless steel.


    • Model No.: 48005202
    • Blade length: 230mm
    • Quantity: 1
    • Rescue: Yes
    • Max. cutting capacity cast iron pipe: ø 10 - 175mm
    • Max. cutting capacity metal pipe: ø 10 - 175mm
    • Max. cutting capacity non-ferrous metals: 5-13 mm
    • Max. cutting capacity stainless steel: 5-13mm
    • Max. cutting capacity steel: 5-13mm
    • Max. cutting capacity wood with nails: Si


    1 x 48005202 230mm heavy duty TORCH sabre saw blade


    This blade is compatible with any Milwaukee recip saw however due to the strenuous nature of cutting thick metal a more powerful model is advised.

    Milwaukee reccomend using the blade with a M18ONESX ONE-KEY™ Sawzall or an M18FSX FUEL™ Super Sawzall.

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