Milwaukee 4932352775 25x520mm SDS-Max Drill Bit

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    25x520mm SDS-Max 4 cut drill bit with a working length of roughly 400 mm. Great for use in SDS-Max drilling and breaking hammers such as the M18 CHM.


    • Large carbide tip with patented rebar chamfers. Ensures lower vibration and optimised drilling performance when hitting reinforced steel equalling longer life time.
    • Especially developed robust head geometry with optimum 4 x 90° symmetry of carbide tip. Reduces jamming upon hitting reinforcing steel.
    • Centering point with 130° point angle. Easy spot drilling with pinpoint with pinpoint accuracy and ensures optimum guidance during drilling.
    • Big, robust secondary cutter with dynamic, curved cutting edge. Supports the primary cutter for faster drilling.
    • Shorter spiral windings for faster transport of drilling dust from the head to the flute. Results in less wear and reduced heat build up at the tip.
    • Innovative, unique carbide tip with more carbide on all diameters and extra carbide on ø > 32 mm.
    • Wear mark on both sides of primary cutter. Guarantees diameter accuracy i.e. for anchor fittings. Life time indicator in warranty cases.
    • Patented reinforced flute geometry. Lower vibrations for smoother drilling. Stronger flute means less breakages. Better transfer of hammer energy to the tip.
    • Deep flute shoulders. High volume dust removal for optimum drilling speed less wear and heat build up.
    • Low vibration drilling performance. Comfortable drilling ensures less stress for operator and machine.
    • Special surface treatment. Shot blasting provides a smooth surface, densifies the surface structure and makes the bit more wear resistant.
    • PGM conformity. Guarantees precise holes for anchor fitting over the entire life time of the drill bit.


    • Quantity: 1
    • Ø: 25 mm
    • Total length: 520 mm
    • Working length: 400 mm
    • Pre-drill with a short drill bit of the same diameter: ✓


    1 x 4932352775 25x520 SDS-Max drill bit