Milwaukee 4933471979 120cm Digital Redstick Level

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    Milwaukee REDSTICK™ 120cm Digital Level

    The Milwaukee 4933471979 REDSTICK™ digital level is an accurate and durable measuring device which measures with up to two times greater accuracy than a standard spirit level and relays information in multiple different formats to suit each users needs. The tolerance of this digital level can be adjusted for precision, standard and rough-in work.


    4933471979 120cm Digital Level

    • PINPOINT™ measurement technology provides layers of information to include numeric, graphic, colour and audio for advanced readability
    • PIN Mode allows user to lock in any target within 360° for replacing measurements or finding a specific measurement
    • Powered by REDLITHIUM™ USB rechargeable battery
    • Up to 2X greater accuracy
    • Simple menu selection for quick set-up: Mode, Sensitivity, Tolerance, Power and Language
    • Tolerance can be adjusted for precision, standard and rough-in work
    • IP65 rated water and dust protection keeps electronics safe from job site conditions
    • Accurate to: 0°, 90°/0.03° and 1°-89°/0.10°
    • Durable all-metal hang hole for easy storage


    4933471979 120cm Digital Level

    • Article number: 4933471979
    • Handles: 2
    • Length: 120cm
    • Pack quantity: 1

    4933471979 120cm Digital Level

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