Milwaukee Accessory Bundle c/w M12 Tool Bag

Milwaukee Accessory Bundle c/w M12 Tool Bag

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    Our exclusive Milwaukee accessory bundle includes a selection of Milwaukee tape measures, some Milwaukee marker pens, Milwaukee liquid paint markers and a Milwaukee offset attachment all supplied in an M12 tool bag.


    Slimline Tape Measures

    • Very compact and improved ergonomic design
    • ABS housing with softgrip rubber gripping area for extra comfort and jobsite durability
    • Flat base for horizontal stability and back rest for easy vertical measuring
    • Nylon coated blade protection against debris, dirt and water
    • Class II accuracy

    INKZALL™ Marker Pens

    • For use on concrete, wood, metal, plywood, OSB, plastic
    • Stays sharp, doesn't mushroom or push back under pressure
    • Marker continues to write after 72+ hours of cap off time
    • Quick dry time – reduced smearing markings on PVC, metal surfaces
    • Helmet clip – can be clipped to the construction site cap, trousers, overalls

    INKZALL™ Liquid Paint Markers

    • For use on concrete, black pipe, aluminium, PVC, steel and stainless steel, rubber and tyres
    • Durable acrylic nib for the most demanding environmental conditions: surface temperature from -10° up to + 145°.
    • Can be used on rough, dirty and greasy surfaces
    • 10 seconds dry time
    • Permanent markers. Markings last up to 6 months.

    SHOCKWAVE™ KNUCKLE™ Offset Attachment

    • Impact rated: suitable to use with latest 18V impact drivers as well as cordless drill drivers


    Slimline Tape Measures

    • Article number: 48227706, 48227708
    • Blade width: 25mm
    • Length: 5m (48227706), 8m (48227708)

    INKZALL™ Marker Pens

    • Article number: 48223100, 48223170
    • Colour: Black (48223100), Red (48223170)
    • Tip: 1 mm

    INKZALL™ Liquid Paint Markers

    • Article number: 48223711, 48223721, 48223731
    • Colour: White (48223711), Yellow (48223721), Black (48223731)

    SHOCKWAVE™ KNUCKLE™ Offset Attachment

    • Article number: 4932459781
    • Contents: (1) KNUCKLE™, (1) PH1, (2) PH2, (1) PZ1, (2) PZ2, (1) PZ3, (1) TX15, (1) TX20, (1) TX25


    (1) 48227706 Slimline Tape Measure (5m)
    (1) 48227708 Slimline Tape Measure (8m)

    (2) 48223100 Marker Pen (Black)
    (2) 48223170 Marker Pen (Red)

    (2) 48223711 Liquid Paint Marker (White)
    (2) 48223721 Liquid Paint Marker (Yellow)
    (2) 48223731 Liquid Paint Marker (Black)

    (1) 4932459781 Offset Attachment

    Supplied in an M12 tool bag


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