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    Milwaukee's BOLT™ Full Face Shield is designed to give you long-lasting visibility. The EN 166 certified face shield is treated with a fog-free interior coating and an anti-scratch exterior hard coating for longer product lifetimes. Attaching and removing the shields is made simple and tool-free with secure snap-in snap-out covers. This full-face shield is part of the BOLT™ accessory system which allows users to Secure Accessories Simultaneously.

    • 180° field of view
    • Lens made of polycarbonate
    • Compatible with prescription glasses
    • Lens certified anti-fog N as per EN166
    • Lens certified anti-scratch K as per EN166
    • Full face shield with panoramic field of vision
    • Extremely easy and intuitive installation and removal
    • Compatible with the BOLT™ Lamp: possibility to lift the face shield even with the lamp installed
    • The Compact version offers a slim and compact design and is only compatible with BOLT™ 200
    • BOLT™ system – ensure compatibility among a large range of accessories with an easy and intuitive attachment system
    • The Universal version can be adapted on both BOLT™ 100 and BOLT™ 200 helmets thanks to an easy switch system


    Storage Instructions

    Do not store in direct sunlight, near aggressive chemicals, not above 40°C and below 70% humidity, dark, dry, without mechanical load. Storage and transport only in original packaging recommended.

    Usage Instructions

    Check the eye protector for damage and correct fit before each use. Scratched or damaged lenses may no longer be used. Always use both hands to install and remove this product. Do NOT use unless securely attached to a helmet.


    • Lens: Clear
    • Period of obsolescence: 6 years from date of manufacture or 2 years from date of first use, whichever comes first
    • Storage temperature range: +5°C ~ +20°C, <70% relative humidity (recommended around 50%), away from direct sunlight


    (1) BOLT Clear Compact Face Shield

    Supplied in an recyclable box

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