Milwaukee M12SI-201C M12™ Soldering Iron Kit

Milwaukee M12SI-201C M12 Soldering Iron Kit

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    The Milwaukee M12SI-201 is a 12v compact soldering iron with a quick heat up time which means the tool is ready to use in 20-30 seconds.
    This model has has 3 locking head positions to work in multiple orientations ( 0, 45, 90 ). The temperature monitoring enables you to maintain heat consistently for the duration of tougher jobs.

    It features dual colour LED lights which notify the user of the current status of the tool:
    Green Flashing - Tool is heating up
    Solid Green - Tool is ready for use
    Solid Red - Tool has been turned off but the tip is too hot to touch until the LED is no longer lit.


    Voltage (v) : 12
    Charger Supplied (min): 40
    Heater Power (w) : 90
    Temperature range (C) : 400
    Weight with Battery Pack (kg) : 0.5


    1 X 2.0Ah Lithium Ion battery
    1 x C12C Charger
    1 x Carry Case
    1 x Pointed Tip (49800400)
    1 x Chisel Tip (49800401)

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