Milwaukee M12HHGREY3-0 12v Heated Hoodie (M)

Milwaukee M12HHGREY3-0 12v Heated Hoodie (M)

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    The Milwaukee M12 hoodie is the perfect addition to keep away the chills whether it's for the work person on site (the hood fits easily underneath a hard hat for those safety first people)or even the parent of a footie mad child! battery & charger sold separately  

    • This rugged heated hoodie is constructed with a durable cotton exterior and has reinforced pockets so you dont lose your keys.
    • It can be worn either on its on as as an extra layer on the chillier days.
    • The waffle weave lining is tough enough to withstand the most toughest of outdoor conditions.
    • The hoodie has 3 seperate heating zones to enable heating of your core body areas. These are all controlled by an easy touch controller with three heat settings: High, Medium or Low.
    • It has an integrated mobile phone pocket so you are never far away from taking that important call.
    • The hoodie is fully washable and tumble dryer proof.
    • It is compatible with the entire range of Milwaukee 12v batteries and can run up to a maximum of 8 hours on one single fully charged batteries.The battery holder is connected into a concealed holder inside a pocket for increased comfort and convenience.


    • Material (outer shell) : 53% Cotton / 47% Polyester
    • Material (inner shell) : 60% Cotton / 40% Polyester
    • Size : Medium
    • Voltage : 12v
    • Weight : 0.9kg
    • Weight with battery pack : 1.1kg


    Body only unit - batteries and charger sold seperately.  Compatiable with the Milwaukee M12 Red Lithium Ion range of batteries.

    Heated Jacket Sizes
    Compatible with a range of Milwaukee Accessories. Compatible with a range of Milwaukee Power Tools.

    Do not use this heated jacket with an infant, child, a helpless person,or anyone insensitive to heat, such as a person with poor bloodcirculation.
    Never use if inner liner is wet.
    Heating elements are not recommended to touch bare skin.
    Shut off power immediately if discomfort occurs.
    Do not allow the cords to be pinched.
    If improper operation of this heated jacket is observed, discontinueits use immediately and contact a MILWAUKEE service facility forrepair.
    Do not use pins. They may damage the electric wiring.
    Disconnect and remove battery pack and battery holder from batteryholder pocket before washing.
    Do not dry clean. Do not use drycleaning fluid on this heated jacket.
    Do not bleach. Cleaning solvents may have a deteriorating effect onthe insulation of the heating element.
    Do not iron.
    Maintain labels and nameplates. These carry important information.
    If unreadable or missing, contact a MILWAUKEE service facility for afree replacement.
    When storing the appliance, allow it to cool down before foldingExamine the appliance frequently for signs of wear or damage. Ifthere are such signs, if the appliance has been misused or does notwork, return it to the supplier before switching it on again.
    This appliance must not be used by persons insensitive to heat andother very vulnerable persons who are unable to react tooverheating.
    Children under the age of three are not to use this appliance due totheir inability to react to overheating.
    Do not crease the appliance by placing items on top of it duringstorage.
    WARNING: In order to avoid the possibility of heatstroke, disconnectthe clothing when moving to an environment having signifi cantlyhigher temperature.
    Do not crease the appliance by placing items on top of it duringstorage.
    This appliance is not intended for medical use in hospitals
    The appliance is not to be used by young children over the age ofthree unless the controls have been pre-set by a parent or guardian,or unless the child has been adequately instructed on how tooperate the controls safely.
    Clean the appliance only with a damp sponge.
    Do not dispose of used battery packs in the household refuse or byburning them. Milwaukee Distributors offer to retrieve old batteries toprotect our environment.
    Do not store the battery pack together with metal objects (shortcircuit risk).
    Use only System Milwaukee 12 V chargers for charging SystemMilwaukee 12 V battery packs. Do not use battery packs from othersystems.
    Never break open battery packs and chargers and store only in dryrooms. Keep dry at all times.
    Battery acid may leak from damaged batteries under extreme loador extreme temperatures. In case of contact with battery acid wash itoff immediately with soap and water. In case of eye contact rinsethoroughly for at least 10 minutes and immediately seek medicalattention.
    No metal parts must be allowed to enter the battery section of thecharger (short circuit risk).