Milwaukee Thin Kerf Metal SAWZALL Blade (150mm, 14 Tpi) 48005182 5 Pack

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    Milwaukee Metal Cutting Blades feature a tooth form optimized for the longest life and maximum durability. TOUGH NECK™ is engineered to protect against tang breakage and delivers the strongest SAWZALL® blade tang on the market. These blades are ideal for making tough, straight cuts.

    • Improved tooth geometry for best speed and double the lifetime
    • Bi-metal quality cutting teeth with 8% cobalt giving the ultimate in performance and lifetime
    • TOUGH NECK™: Stamped indentations around the reception strengthens the blade at its weakest point
    • Slim 0.90 mm thick blade body optimised for maximum speed and flexibility


    • Blade length: 150 mm
    • Flush cut: No
    • Material type: Bi-Met, Co
    • Max. cutting capacity aluminium: 3-10 mm
    • Max. cutting capacity steel plate: 3-10 mm
    • Max. cutting capacity inox: 2-4 mm
    • Max. cutting capacity metal pipe: ⌀ 10 - 100 mm
    • Max. cutting capacity non ferrous metals: 3-10 mm
    • Max. cutting capacity steel: 3-10 mm
    • Pack quantity: 5


    (5) 150mm metal SAWZALL blades

    Supplied in a recyclable carton

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