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SHOCKWAVE™ Impact Rated Bits and Sockets

MILWAUKEE® SHOCKWAVE™ IMPACT DUTY driver bits are engineered to be the most durable, best fitting driver bits on the market. The WEAR GUARD TIP™ is laser hardened to create an outer shield that protects the fit over the life of the bit. The SHOCK ZONE™ is optimized for each tip type and length of driver bit, absorbing peak torque and preventing breaking. The customized CUSTOM ALLOY76™ steel and heat treatment for each tip type is engineered to ensure best performance across tip types and extended life vs. standard bits. The SHOCKWAVE™ impact driver bits provide extreme durability for the most demanding job site applications.

If you need durable and reliable screwdriver bits, Milwaukee shockwave and impact rated screwdriver bits are the best choice.

Milwaukee 38pc Shockwave Driver Bit Set 4932492009
Set of 38 Shockwave impact duty driver bits.
£ 22.95
Milwaukee 4932352861 1/2" Socket Set Shockwave Impact Duty 10 piece
Milwaukee Shockwave 10 piece impact 1/2 inch socket set. Contents: 8 / 10 / 11 / 12 / 13 / 14 / 16 / 17 / 19 / 21 mm sockets.
£ 52.95
Milwaukee 75pc Shockwave Driver Bit Set 4932492008
Set of 75 Shockwave impact duty driver bits.
£ 49.95
Milwaukee Shockwave 12pc 1/2" Fastening Set 4932492652
Shockwave 1/2" deep socket set with a 150mm extension and universal swivel joint.
£ 39.95
Milwaukee Shockwave 25mm PZ2 Screwdriver Bits (25-Pack) 4932472041
25 x 25mm PZ2 impact rated screwdriver bits supplied in a tic tac container.
£ 9.72
Milwaukee Shockwave 35pc Driver Bit Set & Right Angle Drill Attachment 4932493653
Set of 35 Shockwave Impact Duty screwdriver bits designed for Milwaukee Impact Drivers.
£ 33.95
Milwaukee Shockwave 39pc Drilling and Fastening Set 4932492890 Perfect Match
39 piece Shockwave Impact Duty drill & driver bit set with a pair of clear safety glasses.
£ 47.95
Milwaukee Shockwave 49pc Right Angle Set 4932492656 Perfect Match
38 piece Shockwave bit set accompanied by an 11 piece Shockwave right angle attachment.
£ 42.95
Milwaukee Shockwave 50mm PH2 Screwdriver Bits (1-Pack) 4932472047
1 x 50mm PH2 impact rated screwdriver bit supplied in blister packaging.
£ 0.97
Milwaukee Shockwave 50mm PZ2 Screwdriver Bits (10-Pack) 4932472050
10 x 50mm PZ2 impact rated screwdriver bits supplied in a tic tac container.
£ 7.56
Milwaukee Shockwave 70pc Impact Duty Bit Set 4932492007
70 bit Shockwave Impact Duty screwdriver bit set.
£ 40.95
Milwaukee Shockwave PH2 Screwdriver Bit with Bit Holder 26-Pack 4932479856
Twenty-five 25mm PH2 screwdriving bits with a magnetic bit holder.
£ 9.95
Milwaukee SHOCKWAVE PZ2 25mm Screwdriver Bit 2pk 4932472040
Pack of two 25mm PZ2 screwdriver bits
£ 1.96
Milwaukee Shockwave PZ2 Screwdriver Bit with Bit Holder 26-Pack 4932479857
Twenty-five 25mm PZ2 screwdriving bits with a magnetic bit holder.
£ 9.95