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The Milwaukee SAWZALL™ Reciprocating Saw range has exploded with new cordless models in recent years and the professionals who use this line of saws require premium quality blades to keep up with these high demand machines.

Milwaukee produce a vast selection of SAWZALL™ blades for cutting nearly every known construction material. This includes TORCH™ blades for fast and precise cuts in metal, AX™ blades for rapid sawing through wood with nails and WRECKER™ multi material blades capable of both.

If you need a quality finish each time you use your recip saw you can't go wrong with SAWZALL™
Milwaukee 48005026 Sawzall Blades 230x5 TPI AX Fang-Tip
Pack of 5 Sawzall blades for universal cutting (thickness: 1.60 mm, length: 230 mm, TPI: 5)
Ł 21.95
Milwaukee 48005093 200 x 8 12 Tpi Universal Recip Sawzall Blades (5 Pack)
Five pack of 200 x 8 12 tpi universal reciprocating sawzall blades for cutting wood, metal and plastic.
Ł 15.95
Milwaukee 48005202 230mm TORCH Sabre Saw Blade
230mm TORCH™ heavy duty sabre saw blade with carbide teeth. Built to last in thick metals.
Ł 23.95
Milwaukee 48005713 Sawzall Blades 230x10 TPI Torch-Metal
Pack of 5 Sawzall blades for cutting metal (thickness: 1.06 mm, length: 230 mm, TPI: 10)
Ł 15.95
Milwaukee 48005787 Sawzall Blade Torch-Metal 230 x 14 Tpi - 5pcs
Pack of 5 Sawzall blades for cutting metal (length: 230 mm, TPI: 14)
Ł 24.95
Milwaukee AX 150mm Reciprocating Sawzall Blade 48005221
150mm carbide teeth recip saw blade for cutting wood with nails.
Ł 13.95
Milwaukee SAWZALL™ Blade Set 49222205 5 Pack
Pack of 5 Milwaukee SAWZALL™ blades
Ł 25.95
Milwaukee SAWZALL™ Blade Set 49222211 10 Pack
Pack of 10 Milwaukee SAWZALL™ blades
Ł 38.95
Milwaukee Thin Kerf Metal SAWZALL Blade (150mm, 14 Tpi) 48005182 5 Pack
Pack of 5 150mm thin kerf recip saw blades for cutting metal
Ł 9.95
Milwaukee TORCH Demolition Blade (230mm, 18 Tpi) 48004788 5 Pack
Pack of 5 230mm TORCH demolition recip saw blades for cutting metal
Ł 13.95